You're in a long, boring meeting at work and you start doodling on your papers.  Or while you're on hold on the phone you doodle to kill some time.  Ever wonder what your doodles reveal about your personality?   

There are a million things you can doodle.  Often what seems like just some random doodle actually reveals what's really going on in your mind.  Curious what your doodles mean?    These are some of the most common doodles and the meaning behind them.

Stick figures are often doodled by very successful people, who are very focused on their goals and able to keep their emotions under control.

Zigzags show energetic thinking and a wish to get on with business.

Stars are doodled by ambitious people andif you draw several little stars, you're optimistic.

Boxes or squares demonstrate that you want to control a situation and you're working through a problem.

Houses mean you're looking for security.  If you draw one without windows, you're feeling unhappy with you home life.

Arrows are doodled by determined people who have very specific goals in mind.

Boats and airplanes show you're trying to escape from a certain situation.

Names and initials mean you like being the center of attention.

What do you doodle the most?