Sometimes, there's a food revelation so profound you find yourself asking "why didn't I think of that?" The tomato pie sandwich is that food.

Jeff Daniels and Daniele Imports have introduced this amazing concoction - and we couldn't be more excited. Two slices of tomato pie make the 'bread' and the filling? Sliced meatballs. All of this is toasted on a panini press so it's nice and warm when you take a bite.

Jeff Daniels says "the response has been amazing." We're not surprised - this looks amazing. 

Seriously. Why didn't anyone think of this before? (If we add cheese, does that make it a pizza sandwich?) Is it my imagination, or is this a solid candidate to be the official sandwich of Utica?

Daniele Imports is located at 1556 Mohawk Street in Utica. Hurry down and get yourself a tomato pie sandwich before they sell out.

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