The top 10 recommended restaurants in Utica would definitely please any visitor to the city, but is it really accurate?

"Where's the best place to eat in Utica?" That's got to be the toughest question to answer because, frankly, there are just so many fantastic spots to grab a bite. That said, TripAdvisor has compiled a list, based on users' feedback, of the 10 most recommended spots to eat in Utica.

So what are they?

  1. Zeina's Cafe
  2. The Tailor and The Cook
  3. Trattoria Calabria
  4. Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse
  5. Nail Creek Pub
  6. Pho Mekong House of Noodles
  7. Top of The Morning Cafe
  8. Gerber's 1933 Tavern
  9. Swifty's
  10. Craylee's

Well, that's certainly a wide variety of restaurants. It completely reflects Utica in that there are foods from all different ethnicities, with extra representation by Italian restaurants.

However, it seems like there are some really great Utica restaurants missing from this list. Where's Bella Regina? What about Sunny Restaurant - some of the best Asian food in Utica? El Barajo?

There's no doubt these restaurants deserve to be on the list of most recommended, but it feels like some are missing. What's the restaurant you recommend the most to people visiting Utica? Let me know at

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