Don't you wish your pet could understand everything you say? Not just "sit" and "stay," but things like "the thunder won't hurt you, it's just sound."

Our dog is going to have some pretty big surgery today to remove a mass on her face. She was so scared at the vet yesterday, and it must hurt - and we felt so terrible that we couldn't make her understand that the vet is here to help, and that she's going to feel so much better tomorrow. It kinda hurts your heart.

We asked Central New Yorkers what they would tell their pets if their pets could understand one sentence. Your answers were funny, touching...and well, sometimes gross.

The Top 10 Sentences We Wish Our CNY Pets Could Understand

10.  "If you’re gonna hurl, could you please do it on the kitchen floor instead of in the middle of the living room carpet?"

9. "Stop eating the cat poop."

8. "Quit licking my couch."

7. "I'm sorry I have to leave you every morning, but I need to make money to be able to keep you."

6. "Going to the vet may be terrifying, but they are helping you."

5. "I'm coming right back, I promise."

4. "The mailman is not trying to kill me...or you."

3. "Please stop barking at every noise, person, bird, cat, squirrel, and car that goes by."

2. "Thank you so much living with me."

and finally,

1. "I love you so much, and I will never ever abandon you."

What do you wish your pet could understand?

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