Previously on 'The Vampire Diaries,' we found out that Amara is the anchor to the other side and that she cares way more about dying than about spending time with her "one true love," Silas. Naturally, this left Silas incredibly bitter. Will the lovers be reunited? Will we finally find a way to bring Bonnie back from the other side? Let's see, shall we?

We open with Silas at a bus station. Silas is bemoaning his current status (which, after last episode is single, betrayed and stabbed in the neck) to the nice couple sitting next to him at the stop. Of course, because it's Silas, he liquifies the boyfriend's brains because he's just super sad. Ugh, witches.

Silas' doppelganger, Stefan, isn't doing much better. Now that his memories are back, he's tortured by the painful memories of the past. That's right: the memories of drowning in the safe, murdering a bunch of innocent people and pining over Elena are back. Who said amnesia was a bad thing?

In more doppelganger news, Amara is freaking the hell out. (Seriously, it's like a scene straight out of 'Girl, Interrupted.') The betrayed Silas is more than ready to ax his ex, but if Damon kills Amara, that means the other side is destroyed, destroying Bonnie's spirit with it.

It seems that Bonnie is running out of options for returning to the land of the living... that is, until Amara starts talking to Bonnie's ghost. It turns out that Bonnie and Amara have a special connection -- as the anchor to the other side, Amara can see and touch Bonnie. This gives Jeremy an idea: What if Bonnie becomes the new anchor?

Dr. Maxfield tells Katherine the bad news: She's aging because her vampire years are finally catching up to her. She's not thrilled with this. But if anything ages Katherine, it's the presence of her daughter, Nadia -- whom she tells Caroline is her “stylist." Poor Nadia -- doesn't she know that Katherine doesn't have a maternal bone in her body?

Damon goes to Katsia to make the deal with her: Silas and Amara will die, and Bonnie gets to have her foot in and out of the other side. Katsia is game, but she needs some serious doppelganger blood to go through with the spell. Elena is game, and so is Katherine -- if Katsia promises to save her life.

Poor, broken Amara apologizes to Katsia for the whole “cheating scandal” and begs Katsia to kill her once and for all. Katsia says she will... but, in doing so, plans to separate Amara and Silas from one another forever in death.

Katsia, Katherine and Elena come together to turn Bonnie into the anchor. Elena and Katherine shed some blood and the spell goes as planned, until Silas interrupts, causing a scene and causing Amara to escape. Katsia and Silas have the brawl of all brawls, before Silas stabs Katsia in the neck. “But I loved you!” Katsia says as she bleeds out. Get in line, girl... with a face like that, who wouldn't?

Silas runs to the woods and meets Amara, who begs him to finally kill her. She tells him that she loves him, but that she simply can't live another day. Silas tells her that he understands, and that he loves her, too. He takes a knife and is about to slit her throat when Stefan attacks him. He remembers all that Silas did to him, and he's ready to seek his own revenge. Too bad that he forgot about Silas' mind control powers. But Stefan manages to gain the upper hand on Silas, and, finally, kills him.

Amara, staring at Silas' dead body, decides to make their eternity start now. She stabs herself in the stomach, finally achieving her 2,000-year-old wish for death. Damon runs to her, attempting to stop the bleeding so that Katsia can complete the spell and bind Bonnie as the anchor. Amara begs Damon to let her die and begins to slip away.

Bonnie's ghost goes to Jeremy. She's ready to say goodbye, for good. Now that Amara is dead, there's no hope for her to come back. Bonnie asks Jeremy to tell her what he needed to: that he loves her. But just as all hope seems lost, Katsia completes the spell. Jeremy reaches out to touch Bonnie's face, and, for the first time, can feel her. They embrace by the fire.

Katherine goes to Katsia and asks her to save her life. But what Katherine can't see is that Katsia is dying herself. She slit her wrists in order to be with Silas. True love prevails, we guess.

But it's not over... at least, not for Bonnie. As soon as Katsia dies, her ghost appears to Bonnie. Katsia has some bad news: Every time someone near her dies, Bonnie is going to feel that person's death. And that's going to really, really suck.

Katherine may not be able to save her own life, but living on borrowed time isn't making her any warmer to her daughter Nadia. Nadia begs Katherine to return to Prague with her so they can get to know one another. Katherine tells Nadia that she would rather rip her own heart out than spend time with her. While it may seem like Katherine is just being her typical bitchy self, we get the sense that she doesn't want Nadia to have to lose her yet again. (Aww, is this progress?)

Stefan digs a hole and begins to bury Silas' body. As he does, he recalls each and every painful memory that Silas put him through. As he covers Silas with the dirt, he knows that he should feel satisfied, but recoils in horror when all of his emotions are just as strong as before his death. Is Stefan destined for a life of pain?