Earlier this year, so many became obsessed with the Baby Yoda character in the Star Wars spinoff, The Mandalorian. The child, as creators refer to it, has been the inspiration behind funny memes about chicken nuggets and chocolate milk.

Just wait until you see the newest "child" at The Wild Animal Park near Chittenango. We bet you're going to be just as equally obsessed.

According to Britannica, there are 74 breeds of domestic water buffalo numbering some 165 million animals, but only small numbers of wild water buffalo remain. Longevity of the domesticated water buffalo can be 40 years, but the wild form is not as long-lived, even in captivity.

The Water Buffalo that is located in the 12 acre park by the pond area gave birth to a new baby merely three weeks ago. It's probably one of the cutest things we've ever seen.

Adorable, right? Come on, LOOK at those EARS! So much resemblance of Baby Yoda. It's such a fitting name, and since this baby doesn't have one yet, it's actually perfect.

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You can see the new baby yourself if you decide to head over to the park before the season ends in a couple of weeks. The Water Buffalo are visible by taking the train through the park.

Admission into the park is $13.99 for adults, $11.99 for seniors, children up to age 12 are $11.99 and kids under two are free.  You can find their fall hours of operation on their visitor page.

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