Making its debut in 2007, Gossip Girl was an incredibly successful American teen drama following the lives of a group of high-class socialites from Manhattan's Upper East Side. The show depicted their scandals, romances, heartaches, family feuds and bitter rivalries, whilst leaving no secret hidden from mysterious gossip girl’s anonymous text messages.

The show had a successful run of six seasons and a total of 121 episodes, producing notable stars (and heartthrobs!). We decided to find out what happened to our favorite cast members, most of which successfully moved away from the Upper East Side and blossomed into young stars.

While some actors, like Blake Lively and Ed Westwick, went on to continue pursuing careers in acting, others opted for a shift in work: Both Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen opted to get involved in music.

Check out the gallery above to find out what happened to the core cast of Gossip Girl.

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