If you've always wanted to run a road race, but haven't quite gotten around to actually training, here's your chance.

The United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area is holding the 1/2 K Run, on Saturday, September 28 at 10am.  Yes, you read that right: a half of a kilometer. For a little bit of reference, the Boilermaker Road Race is 15K, or 9.3 miles. 1/2 a kilometer is less than 1/3 of a mile. So yeah, this is pretty do-able, regardless of whether your training consists of running a several miles a week, or snacking several times a day.

"Beginning at the REAL Boilermaker finish line, you know, the back parking lot of the Saranac Brewery, this course goes ALL THE WAY around the corner to the Saranac Brewery courtyard, for a whopping total of 500-something yards!"

The course features a pretzel and cider break in the middle, in case you get winded and ends with beer - if that's not motivation, we're not sure what is. Every finisher will get their .5K to display with pride. Prizes will be given for First Place Individual, Best Individual Outfit and Best Team Outfit.

If you're ready to sign up and start your 'training', check out the event's Facebook page.

It'll be the easiest check on your bucket list ever.


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