Ahh, Riverside Mall. Remember when it was a mall, and not a series of big box stores? What were your favorite stores there?

I admit, when I first moved to Central New York, I worked at the Barbara Moss store in Sangertown Square, and then I went on to be the manager at the one at Riverside - right up until the end of the mall.

What were your favorite stores? We asked, and you answered - here are the places you wish you could visit one more time.

  • Barbara Moss
  • Ormond's
  • Bradlee's
  • Orange Julius (REALLY?)
  • Waldenbooks
  • Ground Round (the peanut shells on the ground!)
  • Friar's
  • Montgomery Ward
  • Camelot Music
  • Fay's
  • Kline's All Sports
  • and of course, the movie theatre!

Personally, I loved their food court too!

What stores do you miss the most?

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