There's a great story of a GoPro camera that was accidentally dropped from a plane during a skydiving incident across the country from Utica in Northern California, and it landed intact in a pigpen. Indestructible.

I've got a Trek bicycle like that. My mom gave it to me as a gift in 1990. It's weathered relocations from Syracuse to Salt Lake City and to Syracuse, then to Utica. It survived a fall off a rack on the back of a moving car. And it's still rolling. Indestructible. If there was a Bike Hall of Fame, my Trek would be in it.

I asked Facebook Friends to nominate their Indestructible Hall of Fame items. Things that have been around a long time. There are some good ones.

Ann Rushlo has a Hall of Fame letter opener given to her from a boss in the mid-1980s:

Credit: Ann Rushlo/TSM

Mel Kinney still has her Dr. Martens from 1995 and claims they still fit and feel great:

Credit: Mel Kinney/TSM

Eric Christensen has an older bike than I do--"a 1978 Rampar R1027, still in excellent condition." (Rampar was an excellent private label brand of bikes, later sold to Raleigh of America.)

Credit: Eric Christensen/TSM

Rick Short's contribution to our Indestructible Hall of Fame is this:

Credit: Rick Short/TSM

Rick says it's "one of the MANY pots and pans Wendy inherited from her grandmother. She estimates they are from the ‘40s. She feels the tradition and is inspired to maintain the old recipes and techniques that were passed down to her. She uses them daily." Rick adds: "I literally benefit from them every day."

As long as we're on kitchen items, Gene Allen has a beauty:

Credit: Gene Allen/TSM

Here's the kicker: He claims he "acquired this in 1974." I think it's a riot he knows what year he acquired a SPATULA.

Bill Nichols still uses his 1980 Zenith Stereo and turntable:

Credit: Bill Nichols/TSM

Additionally, Frank Abadessa still has a "Ross 10-speed from when he was 12" and Tonya Powers Crisafulli still has her "resolve." Atta girl.

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