When I was growing up, especially when I was really little, even going to McDonald's felt like a really big deal, even more so if I didn't have to split my cheeseburger with my brother. If we went for breakfast? Oh. My. Gawd.

This whole conversation started because we found out the busiest day for KFC every year is Mother's Day. No offense to KFC, but it doesn't exactly hit me as a Mother's Day spot. From there, we wondered - if you grew up in the Mohawk Valley, what was your 'fancy' restaurant.

Once we threw that question up of Facebook, the responses came rolling in.

The Restaurants You Thought Were 'Fancy' When You Were a Kid

  • Ponderosa and Ground Round - these two were mentioned so many times, with many recalling the scale at the Ground Round that determined how much kids paid.
  • Margarita's - this was the restaurant that once stood in the center of the Sangertown Mall (yes kids, there used to be a restaurant there)
  • Trinkaus Manor - before it was destroyed by a fire, Trinkaus was a very fancy place to eat - as well as being known for their extensive Christmas lights and decorations.
  • Ventura's - this is one of a handful of restaurants on this list that are still standing. Located in Utica.
  • The Red Lion - apparently the fancy water glasses really added to the vibe
  • Beeches - Sigh. In Rome, this great spot closed just a couple of years ago
  • Buffalo Head - this one just re-opened to great fanfare, so you can still feel fancy
  • The Hook, Line, and Sinker - this New Hartford gem stood where Dippin' Donuts is currently located - couldn't beat their salad bar
  • Grimaldi's - iconic - what else can you say?
  • The Aylesbury Inn - this is one of the restaurants locals miss the most

What's missing from this list?

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