A new luxury hangout for cats, the Cat's Pajamas Feline Hotel, is filling up fast and frequently. Sarah and Josh Brunner's pet-sitting business in Hamburg, New York (just outside Buffalo), offers multiple options on length of stay, depending on the needs of the customer...and the cat.

The rooms are filled with beds and ramps, perches and toys, and open cages. All the creature comforts for your creature, er, extended member of your family:

Credit: Sarah & Josh Brunner

The joint is so nice, it begs some questions: Would this idea work for dogs? Can we compete in Central New York? What are the best options for pet accommodations in the Mohawk Valley?

Checking with Yelp, their top local choices in this department are limited and are either old-school kennels OR focus on training and grooming rather than boarding animals.

Many Facebook Friends end up employing friends or co-workers to look after their loved ones. But, there are some great options:

Critter Sitters in Chittenango (below) offers dogs a saline pool to swim in, acres of outdoor fun, and the business owner, Stephanie, is a triathlete who takes the dogs for runs.

Credit: Stephanie Perotti

My friend Allison Schad (aschad247@gmail.com) has her own "Adventures in Dogsitting" business.

Mary Mandel sends "Duke," her family's Golden Retriever, to the Waterville Animal Resort, conveniently located next to the reputable Waterville Animal Hospital. Eric Christensen likes Paw Prints in Frankfort.

Susan Nichols uses Super Paws in Fabius. Jim DaRin votes for K-9 Kamp, with two locations in East Syracuse and Baldwinsville.

What do YOU do with your pets when you're away from town for a weekend or a vacation? We'd welcome some of your reviews and options.