It was another fun game of 'This-OR-That,' as we had you pick between two wintry things. Now we have the results for you...

First of all, thanks for playing along and voting in our "This-OR-That" Winter Edition - We had a blast putting it together, and we love finding out how people feel about certain things. Sometimes the results are really surprising, other times we think we know which way the voting may lean.

Either way, we left the voting open for about a week, giving people plenty of time to voice their opinions. Now the voting is closed, and we've tallied up the votes. Here are the results...

1. How would you like to experience winter - Escape it and head somewhere warm, like Florida OR stick around and try to enjoy the snow?
WINNER: Escape it and head somewhere warm with just over 65% of the votes.

2. What's better - Cold January, warm February OR warm January, cold February?
WINNER: Cold January, warm February with almost ALL the votes (over 95%).

3. It's time to play in the snow! Are you - Skiing or snowboarding OR tubing?
WINNER: Tubing with over 87% of the votes.

4. What's easier to deal with - Below zero temperatures, but no snow OR temperatures in the upper 20s, but over a foot of snow?
WINNER: The difference was one vote, but "below zero temperatures with no snow" takes the win.

5. What are you making - A snowman OR a snow angel?
WINNER: A snowman won with over 69% of the votes.

6. What are you hoping for - A snowstorm with lots of accumulation OR rain so everything is wet and muddy... But NO snow!
WINNER: Rain with about 66% of the votes.

7. In a snowball fight, what are you doing - Throwing snowballs OR dodging and hiding from snowballs?
WINNER: This was another close one, but "throwing snowballs" won with 53% of the votes.

8. What's a "good" amount of snow - less than 6 inches OR more than 6 inches?
WINNER: With just over 62% of the votes, the winner was "less than 6 inches of snow."


So there you have it! Our results to this winter edition of "This-OR-That." Did any of the results surprise you? We were surprised with #4... Didn't think it was going to be THAT close. Either way, thanks for playing along, and I'm sure we'll have another one for you in a few months.





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