Happy Mother's Day, how about a kick in the head? That's what happened recently during a live broadcast on Lebanon’s Future Television network. Apparently this teen couldn't accept mom's explanation of why she left his violent father many years ago.

According to a story by Opposing Views;

The reality series, which is called "Bil Akeed" (“For Sure”), is supposed to bring families back together, but when this teen boy was reunited with his mother, all hell broke loose (video).

According to Al Aribya, the mother had left the teen's violent father years ago. She recalled how her ex-husband had attacked her in divorce court, which infuriated the teen.

When he tried to defend his father, the mom said her son sounded like a “drunk” teenager.

And then the teen went into a rage. Why?

The opinions of why the teen acted so violently have ranged from him being a spoiled brat to, it's what his father taught him and, that's just the way people of that religious faith treat women. Wow.

It appears that mom is saying, "I'm okay, I'm okay."

Anyway you look at it, it's doesn't look like there will be a Happy Mother's Day in that family.

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