After DJing my sisters wedding this weekend I got to blast the soothing sounds of the Spice Girls. Let's take a step back in to time to 1996 and start blasting "Say You'll Be There"

In the video the girls play a few different characters in a random setting.

The video was filmed in the Mojave Desert in the summer of 1996. The characters' names were Katrina Highkick (played by Melanie Chisholm), Trixie Firecracker (played by Geri Halliwell), Kung Fu Candy (played by Emma Bunton), Midnight Miss Suki (played by Victoria Addams Beckham), and Blazin' Bad Zula (played by Melanie Brown). This entered the US charts at #5, which is the highest entry by a European artist. In February of 1997, this won a Brit Award for Best Video. In addition, the Spice Girls' previous hit, "Wannabe," won for Best Song.



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