Can you put a price tag on nostalgia? Well, one Upstate New York real estate firm certainly is. The iconic Thunder Island amusement park in Fulton, New York has gone up for sale with a price tag of $2,750,000.

The sale is happening as a result of its former owner, Ronald Falise, dying in a tragic accident on the property back in August of 2021.

Even if you've never been to Thunder Island, you probably know its commercials. It was hard to be a child of the '80s and '90s without seeing one and hearing its unbelievably catchy jingle:

"The most fun in the sun, where you'll meet everyone-- Here on Thunder Island! THUNDER ISLAND!"


The 113+ acre property includes 8 water slides, 3 go-kart configurations, a zipline, mini golf course, video game room, a café and a banquet facility.

Thunder Island, once referred to as "the biggest small park around," opened in 1979 as a simple go-kart facility, adding more attractions as years went by. If you grew up in Utica, it was "the other option" if you couldn't go to Enchanted Forest Water Safari. But if you were a resident of Oswego County, it was THE option.

$2.75M is certainly not a small chunk of change. But you never know, in the right hands, this childhood favorite might have its day in the sun once again.

Check out some photos of Thunder Island below, or click here to see the virtual property flyer from Pyramid Brokerage Company.

Thunder Island Water Park Is Up For Sale

The iconic Oswego County water park known as Thunder Island has gone up for sale.

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