Grocery store employees are working extra hard during the COVID-19 health crisis, wiping down the conveyor belts at the cash registers after each customer, making sure the food products we need are available and clean.

One service that's been popular recently--and has skyrocketed during the pandemic--is "to go" service. The Walmart and the Hannaford in New Hartford have had it available for a few months. Now, the smaller Hannaford on Kellogg Road in Washington Mills has added the convenience. There are a few parking spaces right in front of the store dedicated to shoppers using the "to go" option.

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In case you've never tried it, here's how it works: Just use the Hannaford app to select your items online, select a time you'd like to pick up your groceries, then just pull into a "to go" parking space, and a Hannaford employee will come load up your car.

Hannaford's effective tag line is You Click, We Shop. Here's their web page explaining the whole thing.

The "to go" option at the Hannaford on Kellogg Road follows on the heels of the store's ongoing redesign, which we tipped you off about back in January. We'll soon give you an updated look.

Grocery store "to go" services will surely get more and more popular as time goes on--in the dead of winter, in the midst of a pandemic, or even just to save time during a busy week.


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