Now, most of you are probably saying to yourselves: Come ON. Are you serious? Yes, that's both halves of me in the split-screen shot above, enduring--er, I mean ENJOYING a pedicure in the name of research.

Here's the criteria I used in order to choose the nail salons to review: I went to the ones my wife told me we were going to.

So, my sacrifice is your gain, as we present, in no specific order, (according to my own "research," combined with reviews on Google and Yelp) the Top 4 Nail Salons For Men in Central New York:

Soho Nails Spa, 4456 Commercial Drive, New Hartford.

Fashion Nails, 4644 Commercial Drive, New Hartford.

Modern Nails, 4687 Commercial Drive, New Hartford.

Lava Spa, 2707 Genesee Street, Utica.

There are a few factors that nail salons need, in order to keep me as a repeat customer.

First, they have to be shops that my wife likes, because I'm NOT entering any of these places on my own.

Second, large spaces are important. If it's a big room, instead of an intimate boutique, it's easier for a big guy like me to blend in and feel comfortable.

Third, a couple of TV screens are a good idea. I wouldn't mind watching the Giants beat the 49ers while I'm getting my toenails pumiced.

Finally, they have to do a good job.

I hope that makes it easier for men to select a local nail salon. Oh, by the way, these places also welcome FEMALE customers, too. And please feel free to add any of your favorite salons we might have missed.


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