October 29th is National Cat Day. Since we're dog lovers on the Beth & Dave Show, we decided to use a picture of a cat AND a dog together for this blog post, which should in no way detract from the brilliance of this special day for cats.

National Cat Day was created to spur awareness for the many homeless cats who could use a "fur-ever" home. According to the folks at NationalDayCalendar.com, it's "sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation and was created by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige, in 2005. Since its inception, it has helped save the lives of more than one million cats." With that charitable inspiration in mind, here are a few great ways to celebrate National Cat Day:

1. Adopt
The obvious one. There are a LOT of cats who need homes in Central New York. In fact, the Stevens-Swan Humane Society website currently has about three times as many adoptable cats as dogs .

2. Big cat watching
The Utica Zoo has a great enclosure of free-roaming African Lions.

3. Cheer for the Cats
Go watch a Cazenovia College or SUNY Poly game. The athletic teams at both colleges are nicknamed Wildcats.

4. Dress up
Go as a famous cat for Halloween. Like Garfield or Catwoman. Party City has some great costumes.

5. Go have a catty dinner
The Black Cat Bar & Grill on French Road serves meals beginning at 11:30.


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