"Bird Box" has been a monster hit for Netflix. The thriller starring Sandra Bullock is raking in huge numbers and striking a nerve with viewers.

Meanwhile, Bird Box challenges have caused safety and security concerns. Bird Box tributes and parodies have popped up everywhere. And the blindfold worn by Sandra Bullock has become synonymous with horror, immediately conjuring up frightening or poignant scenes from the movie. But, what if the blindfold could be a positive thing, and spare you from viewing certain atrocities...right here in Central New York?

Top 7 Central New York Sights You Need a 'Bird Box' Blindfold For

1. That horrifying moment when you see your car unavoidably heading straight into another huge pothole.

2. The final agonizing seconds of a Syracuse basketball loss to Duke.

3. A 24th consecutive bleak February day with no sunshine.

4. Rainbow.    Naked.

5. A nasty stink bug crawling on your sandwich in the break room at work.

6. Helplessly watching your favorite piece of jewelry slowly tumble into the Erie Canal.

7. Looking out the window to see your dog pooping in the neighbor's lawn.

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM
Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

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