According to PopCrush, Russell Brand has officially filed for divorce from Katy Perry. One would ask, why? In the docs, filed in L.A., Brand cites "irreconcilable differences." Well this comic believes there were other reasons.

  • 8

    He thought California girls were forgettable.

  • 7

    He’d rather kiss another girl and like it.

  • 6

    He was The One That Got Away.

  • 5

    She’s yes and he’s no.

  • 4

    It's a blacked-out blur and he’s pretty sure it didn’t rule. Damn.

  • 3

    He’s gotta cash out and get the hell outta town.

  • 2

    He didn’t want her to walk his wavelength.

  • 1

    He wasn’t her Teenage Dream.