The digital entertainment and culture magazine 'Paste' had a really tough job recently. They had to sample over 247 American IPAs. They had to crown a winner of the best in America. Who did they pick? An Upstate New York favorite. 

Out of the 247 different IPAs sent to them by breweries from across the country, the staff ranked Prison City's Mass Riot IPA as the best India Pale Ale in the United States. Prison City is a brewpub that opened in December of 2014 in downtown Auburn. The pub operates a very small brewing system that makes 5 barrels (155 gallons) at a time. It's beers are available on tap at the brewery and in growlers or crowlers to go.

According to, no other Upstate brewery had a beer in Paste's Top 50. Here's what they had to say about this new craft beer:

• "The verdict: The best IPA of 247 is from ... upstate New York? Bet you didn't see that coming!"

• "In terms of profile, Mass Riot is a huge, massively tropical, unabashedly juicy hop bomb. Orange juice hits hard, as does pineapple juice and grapefruit candy. Resinous flavors on the back end help rein things in only the slightest bit, but this is definitely a juicy IPA first and foremost, and a moderately sweet one as well."

• "It's truly a decadent IPA, and we can't wait until Prison City is producing a much larger amount of beer so we can taste it more often.""

Congrats to our friends in Auburn.

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