Humans get to go out to bars, restaurants, malls, stores, playgrounds, but where do dogs go for fun? I’ve always been a big dog person, we currently have four at home. We love to take them out to dog friendly places in central New York when we can. They deserve some fun every now and then.

At home my dogs are: Riley (Shes part Rottweiler and part Lab), Taz and Maggie (both are Pekingese), and last but not least Stanley (He’s a Miniature Doxon). Growing up we weren’t allowed to have more than one dog, but for some reason my parents got softer over the past few years. I’m assuming as us kids moved out, they are replacing us with dogs. The idea seems so smart right?

Here’s my Top 5 Dog Friendly Places in Central New York:


1) Bark Park - 500 Chestnut Street in Rome

If you live in Rome and you’re looking for a great Dog Friendly place look no further than The Bark Park on Chestnut Street. Guests to this park only have to pay a $25 annual membership fee. With that fee you can enjoy a host of activities, including Responsible Pet workshops and agility demonstrations. The best part about The Bark Park is you can let your dog run free in a nice fenced in area. They can stretch their legs, chase balls, and have a blast.


2) Doggy D'Zyns - 8593 Turin Road in Rome

When ever we need to take Taz and Maggie to the groomers we take them to the best, Doggy D’Zyns. Christine takes great care of the animals and it’s truly a dog friendly place. She knows the dogs very well, and always makes Taz look handsome. She’s very friendly with the pets, treats them like they are one of her own. She’s very affordable too. If you’re looking for a great pet groomer look no further than Doggy D’Zyns.


3) Lake Delta State Park - 8797 State Route 46 in Rome

One of my favorite places to go swimming growing up, and to see the leaves change in the fall is Lake Delta. It’s truly a great spot for everything from swimming and fishing to being dog friendly. Every fall we usually bring our dogs up to the park to run around and have a good time. Through-out the summer you have to have them on a leash, during the fall there isn’t too many people there so they don’t usually mind. They love to run on the beach, and through the trails. It’s always a lot of fun.


4) Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail – Off of 840 in New Hartford

One great dog friendly trail in central New York is the Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail in New Hartford. The Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail was built as part of the Route 840 connector between New Hartford and Whitestown. This is a great trail to bike ride, walk, and walk with your dogs. Every time I drive past this I always see dogs. It’s very friendly for your furry friends as long as you clean up your mess!


5) Old Erie Canal Trail –Erie Canal Village 5789 Rome New London Road in Rome

The Old Erie Canal Park Trail is a 36 mile long linear park between Dewitt (east of Syracuse) and Rome is designated a National Recreation Trail. This park is very dog friendly. Bring your dog on a leash and walk around the canal. You can park your car at Erie Canal Village to access the trail. Growing up I used to fish off this trail, and now we walk the dogs.

That’s my top 5, where do you go?