If the new 'Transformers 4' TV spot is any indication, this is going to be one crazy-ass movie. We state that knowing just how bizarre and brain-shattering the previous film got. Look at it this way: 'Transformers 4' will be the only 2014 release to feature Mark Wahlberg giving a giant, transforming, Dinobot-riding robot a pep talk.

The new spot is chock-full of footage, including new glimpses at the mysterious Dinobots, which are literally giant robot dinosaurs. And Optimus Prime rides one of them ... while carrying a sword ... and he charges bad guys like a knight at a tournament. What?! Plus, we have new breeds of Transformers, Stanley Tucci screaming, and Wahlberg actually fighting evil Transformers one-on-one with his "alien gun."

'Transformers 4' (officially titled 'Transformers: Age of Extinction') features a new human cast of characters and takes place in a world where humanity is trying to do away with all the robot drama, but what they get is another alien invasion that threatens them all. The film looks like it'll do everything in its power to top the impressively rendered destruction of the previous three. In other words, it's another Michael Bay-directed 'Transformers' movie. Get excited or get concerned. No matter what you do, this thing will arrive on June 27.