Thankfully I've never been trapped inside my automobile, but if this did happen, hopefully I'd have a few boxes of Samoas to sustain me.

Two sisters in Michigan went missing and were stranded inside their SUV for nearly two weeks. The vehicle was snow bound and the ladies were literally stuck in the woods for thirteen days. They survived the frightening ordeal by eating snack food and cookies.

State police Detective Sgt. Jeff Marker told The Associated Press that Roy and Wright wore layers of clothing to stay warm, melted snow to drink and ate Girl Scout cookies and a bag of cheese puffs.

Their faith in God kept them hopeful through it all, and they truly believed that they would  be found. The ladies were able to take advantage of water resources and also tracked aircraft circling the area.  A police helicopter eventually spotted and rescued the ladies.

They had a reservation at a hotel in Mackinaw City but never showed up. Instead, they were trapped in snow on a little-used road until a police helicopter pilot noticed a reflection Friday off the Ford Explorer. There was no cellphone service and the vehicle eventually lost power.

They were both treated and released from the hospital. I wonder if they'll soon be  volunteering to be den leaders at their local Girl Scout troop. Their story is certainly worth sharing. Think of the number of girls who could be impacted by hearing their tale of being trapped with Tagalongs and Thin Mints.

Hopefully you or I never get stranded in our car, but if we did, what kind of Girl Scout cookies would you want by your side?