We've talked to Troye Sivan about just about everything when it comes to his brand new WILD mini-album, from his songwriting collaborators to the making of his album artwork. We also made him read a bunch of hilariously over-the-top fan comments. But now, it's time to really ask the tough stuff, like: "What's your favorite emoji?" (THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU.)

We asked the singer-songwriter-actor-YouTuber to tell us a bit about his fiercely loyal fanbase, fame and getting recognized in public. He's got plenty of devoted fangirls following him around the world, but just who does Troye Sivan fangirl for, anyway? He told us which pop stars he'd probably shake and cry in front of if ever they met in person — and which YouTuber, hashtag, song and movie he hails as his ultimate fave(s), too.

Think you know Troye Sivan? Watch up top and see if you can predict all of his answers to our hard-hitting questions, and make sure to check out the other installments from our interview with Troye below.


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