Art doesn’t imitate life — it imitates television! Just check out these 10 TV-influenced handicrafts brought to you by some of the clever craftsellers at Etsy. We consider each a fitting homage to some our favorite must-see TV. They also make great gifts for your couch potato pals and/or loved ones.

  • gingerwilliams, Etsy
    gingerwilliams, Etsy

    ‘Golden Girls’ Nesting Dolls

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    If you threw a party, invited everyone you knew/ You would see the biggest gift would be from me/ And the card attached would say, “I got you a quartet of nesting dolls painted to look like the ‘Golden Girls’!” See how Dorothy’s the tall one, Sophia’s the shriveled one and Blanche is the one who refuses to dress age-appropriately? These dolls are so true-to-TV life.

  • tittleandlobe, Etsy
    tittleandlobe, Etsy

    ‘The Office’ Laptop Decal

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    Don’t you want to stick this thing on your laptop? To quote the great Michael Scott, “That’s what she said!”

  • DeniseJewelryDesigns, Etsy
    DeniseJewelryDesigns, Etsy

    ‘Lost’ numbers necklace

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    Real-life Dharma dorks will squeal with delight upon recognizing “The Numbers” (you know, the series of cursed digits found on everything from secret hatch doors to winning lottery tickets during six seasons of ‘Lost’ plot twists) engraved into one of these silver pendants. Then they’ll want to spend the next billion hours dissecting ‘Lost’ conspiracy theories with you.

  • HotMonkeyGraphics, Etsy
    HotMonkeyGraphics, Etsy

    “Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness” T-shirt From ‘Parks and Recreation’

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    In a January 2011 episode of ‘Parks and Rec,’ Libertarian department head Ron Swanson unveiled his magnum opus, a geometrically shaped chart he’d spent years perspiring over (not emotionally, of course): The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Among other kernels of sage Swansonisms, the Pyramid dictates that finding romantic love is equivalent, greatness-wise, to eating deer protein; that human torsos should be “thick and impenetrable;” and that when confronted with a buffet, greatness is achieved when you “choose quantity over quality.” Ron, you had us at “deer protein.”

  • SKULLbunz, Etsy
    SKULLbunz, Etsy

    ‘Misfits’ dolls

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    While these dolls from the beloved British cult hit ‘Misfits’ are super adorable, they don’t possess their small-screen alter egos’ super powers. Which is probably for the best, since that means there will be no dead bodies to clean up.

  • rainbowalternative, Etsy
    rainbowalternative, Etsy

    ‘My So-Called Life’ Jordan Catalano Onesie

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    With adolescence right around the corner, it’s time to start teaching your witty bitty baby about the birds and the bees. Lesson #1: You will totally never get over Jordan Catalano…or, you know, whatever.

  • CozySaturday, Etsy
    CozySaturday, Etsy

    ‘Burn Notice’ Keychain

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    When you slip him your keys, let the valet at that swanky Miami mojito joint know that you’re a highly skilled black belt-turned-burned covert op to be reckoned with. This faithful rendering of the Florida plate adorning Michael Westen’s iconic 1973 Dodge Charger will, true to the show’s title, get you noticed — but not too noticed. Because, you know, you work undercover and stuff.

  • GrandmaJoesBrain, Etsy
    GrandmaJoesBrain, Etsy

    1980s sitcom coasters

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    ‘Joanie Loves Chachi,’ ‘The Greatest American Hero,’ ‘Fraggle Rock,’ ‘A Different World’ — there was so much rad TV in the 1980s, how could one ever decide which show was raddest? Well, why not have your buddies over for brewskis, slip these coasters under their suds cans, then just sit back and watch the “Greatest American Sitcom Debate” inevitably unfold. (In case of a tie, the correct answer is ‘The Greatest American Hero.’)

  • Posterinspired, Etsy
    Posterinspired, Etsy

    ‘Criminal Minds’ Wall Art

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    ‘Criminal Minds’ may be just another serial drama, but this artwork is one-of-a-kind. Delve into the psychology of the BAU team’s most depraved subjects with this brainy print. Because a “criminal mind” is a terrible thing to not hang on your wall.

  • BremeloPress, Etsy
    BremeloPress, Etsy

    ‘Portlandia’ Birthday Card

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    “Put A Bird On It,” one of the most famous sketches from IFC’s cult hit show ‘Portlandia,’ pokes direct fun at the indie-crafty scene that Etsy helped push into the mainstream. While Etsy’s sellers may take their bird appliques seriously, at least some have got a sense of humor about themselves.

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