Uninsured driving is a serious matter in the eyes of the government, but perhaps none more so than for UK officials. In fact, some government authorities from across the pond would like to prohibit gas stations from letting those people fill up their tanks.

Under the proposed plan, video cameras currently in place that capture license plates to discourage people from driving off without paying would also be used to scan plates and confirm whether or not motorists have car insurance.

The screenshots would be cross-referenced with a national database — and if a car is flagged as being uninsured, the system would lock down the fuel pump, making it impossible for the driver to buy gas.

UK officials say it’s a necessary move since one in 25 of their drivers don’t have mandatory insurance, and government estimates indicate 160 people are killed and another 23,000 injured by uninsured motorists every year.

Still, gas station owners and insurance sellers are wary of the no-gas plan. Station owners are worried it could put employees at risk, with one saying, “Staff are already getting [grief] from motorists for high fuel prices. This proposal will increase the potential for conflict. Our cashiers are not law enforcers.”

In addition, the head of the British Insurance Brokers Association pointed out that after someone buys coverage, there’s often a seven-day delay before the driver is added to the national database — and those people may need to fill up their tanks in the meantime. But the question now on our minds is, Will this law be coming to the US?

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