Can you even begin to imagine waking up and finding your family pet outside with a bullet in it's chest? One Upstate New York couple from Carthage had to wake up to that nightmare, and now they are searching for answers and help from the community.

Brooke McDonald and her boyfriend shared their story of their dog Duke on GoFundMe. Duke is only 7 years old. He's a pit bull full of nothing but love. He's been around plenty of children, and even shares a food bowl with the family cat.

On January 29th, Brooke's boyfriend found Duke outside convulsing, incoherent, bleeding, and in the state of shock. The couple initially suspected that Duke was run over by a car. When they took him to the vet, they found out poor Duke was shot:

We never in a million years thought someone would try to murder/shoot our sweet baby and leave him for dead. We know who did this to our precious fur baby, and have determined that this was nothing more than a hate crime against Pit bulls."

Currently Duke is only expected to have a 10% chance at life, because the bullet is lodged into his chest. Brooke reports that authorities have a person of interest, and currently they are taking Duke home to see if conditions get better so he can be eligible to go through with surgery to remove the bullet.

If you'd like to donate to Duke's family for medical expenses, you can at the GoFundMe page.

Brooke and her boyfriend aren't the only one's upset over Duke's condition. Duke's puppy sister Nina is heartbroken to see him in so much pain.

Photo via Brooke McDonald