One upstate New York is starting a trend and we hope that, if it hasn't already, it makes it way to the Central New York.

According to Good Morning America, cow cuddling is the "it" thing to be doing this summer. Mountain Horse Farm in Naples New York is a working farm and bed and breakfast.

Suzanne Vullers, the owner of Mountain Horse Farm, told Good Morning America that they've offered horse therapy for years. Vullers learned about  "similar therapeutic benefits" of cows when she went home to the Netherlands for a visit.

Guests will learn how to interact with the cows. Vuller says they teach their guests how to "walk up to them, how they greet each other." After a cow cuddling session Vullers says people leave with a smile on their face and that "They forget their cell phones, forget themselves and the problems they have. It's a really unique moment."

Cow Cuddling at the Mountain Horse Farm costs $75 for two people for one hour.


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