An Upstate NY couple is lucky to be alive after a bullet flew through their moving vehicle.

Gene Bailey of Glenfield, says his parents were driving when the unimaginable happened. Bailey says "(it's) obvious that someone shot through my parents vehicle, while driving across the black river bridge into Glenfield. Right by the old fire hall." His Facebook post has been shared over 100 times.

Bailey asked for his friends help in identifying the caliber firearm that might have produced the kind of damage obvious in the photos. His friends speculated that it could have been anything from a high-powered BB gun to a .22 caliber rifle - noting that the errant bullet could have come from someone hunting anything from coyotes to bear.

Bailey says the driver side window was down, and the bullet passed through the vehicle's cabin before exiting the other side.  According to Bailey, "the bullet literally went in front of them, missing their faces by mere inches before exiting through the window." Bailey says his parents notified the police.

Finally Gene issued a warning: "Please share, so people know this can happen in our back yard."


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