New York employees won't stand for this newly-proposed law.

No, wait, I'm actually being serious! A bill has been proposed that would change the way that certain employees, and employers, in New York would operate while on the job. Those who work jobs that require them to be on-their-feet all day, but that might not always need to be standing, are in for a major change.

You'll want to be sitting down for this one.

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New Bill Proposed in State Legislature Would Ban Employees Having to Stand

In an article penned by Chris Churchill of The Times Union, one I highly encourage you to take a moment and read, he explains that a new bill has been proposed in the state Legislature, one that would require employers to provide seating for their employees for jobs where, in essence, a chair would be useful.

The bill would prohibit businesses from creating a workspace that makes employees stand all-day, when it would be just as easy to have them sit when not active.

There are two major schools of thought on this proposal, and both probably have their merits. Of course, the sore-footed employee will greatly benefit from this. Choosing to stand, or sit, is a choice that can very easily be left up to employees and their personal preference.

NY employees who stand on-the-job may be off their feet before they know it / Unsplash (Blake Wisz)
NY employees who stand on-the-job may be off their feet before they know it / Unsplash (Blake Wisz)


If the choice to stand, or sit, begins to impact their productivity, then an employer can certainly choose to intervene. If the work gets done, and the reputation of the business goes unchanged, then, sure, take a load-off!

That all being said, I didn't realize that this issue was so pressing, that it needed to become a legal issue. Apparently, marching your sore feet into your boss' office is no longer powerful enough, so the fight has been taken to the next level.

So, if you're in the group of employees that need to be swept off of your feet, you may not have to stand for it much longer. Legal help may be on-the-way soon.

P.S. If you own any stock in Dr. Scholl's, or other shoe insert companies, I apologize in advance.

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