Congrats to the Utica and Rome area of Central New York. We just experienced a historic heat wave for the month of November.

According to WKTV, The odds of getting to 70 in November are about once per three years based on the last 30 years of data.

The last similar stretch of historic warmth we've seen happened in March of 2012, where we ended up setting the earliest 80 degree temperature reading of the season.

The week that broke records, was the beginning of November:

11/5 - 71
11/6 - 70
11/7 - 71
11/8 - 70
11/9 - 75 (Previous record 74 in 1938)
11/10 - 78 (Previous record 74 in 1931) has a breakdown of every month of every record. We even broke records this month with the low temperatures too:

11/2- 28

11/3- 32

11/4- 31"

If you're enjoying the warmer weather, don't get too used to it. WKTV also reports that a cold front arrives on Wednesday, Veteran's Day, and it will bring widespread rain showers to our area. Temperatures are likely to climb into the upper 60s, but the cooler weather arrives on Thursday. At least we will still have sunshine and highs returning to the 50s.

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