It's the feel good story of the day. An individual with developmental disabilities from the Oneida County ARC just achieved his lifelong dream of joining the United States Coast Guard.

It took a lot of perseverance and tenacity but David Dutton was finally enlisted in the United States Coast Guard as an Auxiliary member. The process was a lengthy, hard fought battle, but after overcoming 15 months of obstacles and road blocks, the United States Coast Guard enlisted David as an official Auxiliary member.

"David went through what's called the CQL interview process, in which David identified to staff his interest in the Coast Guard," explained Allan Foote, a clinical supervisor.

The application process included written tests, and getting through lots of red tape. David scored exceptionally well on his exams, and was able to complete all of the necessary Coast Guard requirements.

"It's a credit to David and also the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary that he was treated exactly the same as any new member. He's a good role model for all of us, in pursuing our dreams," added Foote.

David has always respected the Coast Guard's moral code and beliefs. He says that although his body is getting older, he is determined to persevere and uphold the Coast Guard's guiding principles: honor, respect, and devotion to duty. David will officially be sworn in at private ceremony in the near future.

To watch David's inspiring video click HERE



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