A young entrepreneur in Utica is selling cups of lemonade to benefit breast cancer. And not just any lemonade - freshly squeezed lemonade.

The idea started when Sean Rivera, AKA Chino, wanted to buy his own things like games or headphones. "He came to his father and I with the idea of the lemonade stand and we couldn’t agree more," says mom Teresa. "It shows him the value of a dollar and gives him some responsibility."

Chino and his step-grandfather Tom worked together to build the stand and the first weekend it was open he made a killing. Rather than keeping all the money, mom says he wanted to give some away. "He continued to surprise us when he asked to donate portions of his money to breast cancer."

Chino wants to continue to donate a percentage of his lemonade stand profits to the American Cancer Society and other local charities.

Photo Credit - William Balsamico

Bill the lemonade guy, who owns Squeezers Lemonade met Chino. "He’s out working it during the summer break to make his own money as well as a fundraiser for cancer," Bill shared on Facebook. "His lemonade is delicious." And Bill the lemonade guy would know.

Robert Butler, who owns the Pizza Box in Utica, stopped by for a cup after seeing the stand in the neighborhood where he use to grow up. "I've seen a lot of lemonade stands but I've never seen something like this."

Butler & Bill have donated lemons so Chino can have plenty for cups of lemonade for charity.

There's even a Chino's Lemonade Facebook page set up so you can keep up to date on when it'll be open.

Chinos Lemonade is set up at 1308 Mary Street in Utica every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm. So stop by and buy a cup for charity.

Photo Credit - William Balsamico
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