One Utica Police Officer is being praised for his role to help better relations between the department and some of the city's youngest residents.

The Utica Police Department shared a letter they received from a citizen taking care of two young boys who had recently suffered parental abuse. Officials shared the letter on their Facebook page.

The author of the letter, a woman only identified as Christine, wanted to thank Officer Derek Schultz for stopping by to visit the two boys, ages 3 and 6, who had been removed from their parents home. They are currently living with their grandmother who is a friend of Christine.

The letter describes what the boys experience with police had been in the past. Due to a somewhat regular presence of officers in their childhood home, police had become scary and negative to them. The author of the letter says over time the boys had watched the TV show "Paw Patrol" and are beginning to learn how good police officers can be. That is why, the woman was so grateful when Officer Schultz agreed to come to her house to meet them and show "how nice and cool a policeman can be."

Photo Courtesy of Utica Police
Photo Courtesy of Utica Police

After getting the proper approval from his supervisors, which Christine was also thankful for, Officer Schultz paid the boys a visit and brought along high-fives and M&Ms. Schultz then explained to them all the equipment he had on him, answered their questions and even got on the floor and "played cars with them." Christine said this was such an important encounter for the boys who had been through so much.

According to Christine, one boy's father was murdered and the other does not know his father. According to Christine the mother of the boys "don't much care for them." She hopes this visit will help them continue their progress of getting through their early mental trauma. She believes these sweet boys will have a shot at a positive life, even through the adversity. Congratulations to Officer Derek Schultz and the entire Utica Police Department.

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