The Big Game aka Super Bowl 55 is here. Who will win the big game? The Utica Zoo wants to try and help you decide the winner.

Animals at the Utica Zoo are casting their picks for who will win the Lombardi Trophy. From Red Pandas Mei-Lin and Ming-Yue, to Bactrian Camels Najla and Furlow, the various animals will be making their picks through Sunday morning on the Zoo’s Facebook page.

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Some are choosing their favorite team and some are choosing their favorite quarterback between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

“We offer our animals enrichment on a regular basis to reinforce their natural behaviors,” said Mark Simon, Visitor Experience and Marketing Manager at the Utica Zoo. “Enrichment is important for the mental and physical health of animals under conservation care. Whether it a favorite snack, a favorite toy, or even a cardboard box, our team of experienced animal care professionals always find unique ways to enrich the lives of our animals.”

You can visit to see the animal’s predictions prior to the Big Game Sunday morning. The Utica Zoo and Gift Shop are open daily from 10am-4pm.

So far the Red Pandas have picked the Chiefs. You can follow their page for more picks.

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