It's that time of the year again for March Madness and this is a bracket you need to be a part of.

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The Utica Zoo is embracing the March Madness season with a bracket of their own. They have selected 16 animals and have placed them head to head in a single elimination style bracket. How do they find a winner? Well, that's up to you!

No the animals won't actually play basketball against each other, though that would make for great television. Each winner is voted on by YOU until there is one reigning champ in the end. Your vote is based off of one question...

Who Do You Want on Your Basketball Team?

To help you make that decision, each animal has their own player card. These cards break down every animal's "pro" and "con" as to why they'd be good or bad at basketball. Ultimately it's up to you, but a little research wouldn't hurt to help you make the decision.

One pair of animals will go head-to-head each day as the bracket progresses. You can make your vote every day by clicking the link available below. It all gets started on March 15th, so take a look at the competitors and see who you'd pick for each game.

Utica Zoo Hosts Their Annual Animal Bracket Challenge

Take a look at the bracket for yourself! A link to vote for the animals is available below.

Vote for who you'd like to win by going to the Utica Zoo's website. A final winner will be picked on April 3rd.

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