Monday, May 29, 2017 is Memorial Day. We've covered details about parades and ceremonies around the Mohawk Valley this year. Here's the rundown of Utica's events.

Utica's ceremonies will begin at 11am with a wreath-laying at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument at Oneida Square, then head up the Parkway to the Vietnam Memorial, the Spanish-American War Memorial, POW-MIA Memorial and All American Wars Memorial. The wreath-laying ceremonies continue at the Utica Purple Heart Memorial Park on Whitesboro & Erie Streets, wrapping up at the All American Veterans Monument at the Pitcher Street Post Office.

A group of fire trucks with American flags on them drive down the road in a small town American Parade during a festival event.

The parade kicks off at 2pm, starting on Genesee Street near Eagle Street, heading south to the Parkway, and east to Oneida Street.


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