We are just weeks away from the grand opening of the Nexus Center, the newest sports tournament destination here in Utica, New York. On top of the anticipated state-of-the-art facilities for sports, events and more, two things are opening inside that you may not know about. Two of the most impactful brands in the Utica area will be featured with spaces of there own.

According to Comets President, Rob Esche, the Utica Club Lounge and the Utica Coffee Lounge will be opening inside the Nexus Center.

“When imagining Nexus, it was always important for me to showcase some of the brands that best represent our area, as most of the foot traffic will be from out-of-town patrons,” said Esche. “Utica Coffee and Utica Club are both representative of the civic pride within Utica and Oneida County, and we are thrilled and honored to have them as tenants at the Nexus Center.”

The Utica Club Lounge

Utica Coffee Lounge will be on the first floor of the center and will offer patrons and out-of-town guests the classic Utica Coffee recipes so beloved by our area. Esche says the space will feature drinks as well as light fare. Exact hours of the coffee lounge are currently in the works.

The Utica Club Lounge

This will be located on the second floor, and will be a full-service bar/restaurant overlooking Rink 1 inside the Nexus Center. Esche says the design will feature depictions of not only Utica, but of Saranac and some of the icons that make the Utica Club/Saranac brands so memorable. The menu will feature classic American cuisine with many of Utica’s favorites.

The Utica Club Lounge will have set hours outside of in-house tournament play, which will be unveiled in the coming days. it will be open to the general public.

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