Veronica Mars, the short-lived mystery series starring Kristen Bell that received a crowdfunded film in 2014, may return with a new season on streaming service Hulu.

A revival series from original creator Rob Thomas, which would once again feature Bell in the title role, is close to receiving the greenlight from Hulu, noted The Hollywood Reporter.

Hulu and Warner Bros., the studio behind the series, are said to have been working on a deal for months. The deal will still allow Bell to star on NBC's The Good Place, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Veronica Mars, which followed a teenaged private investigator, aired for two seasons on UPN in 2004 before a third and final season aired on The CW. Thomas then directed a 2014 feature film that was funded through Kickstarter. The film featured Bell solving a murder mystery after returning home for her high-school reunion.

The series -- which also spawned two books co-written by Thomas and Jennifer Graham -- also starred Jason Dohring, Teddy Dunn, Tina Majorino, Chris Lowell, Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra and Ryan Hansen who all returned for the film.

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