It's a heartwarming story of a woman wanting to do something special for a veteran that came into Denny's while her and her family were eating.

Beverley went out to Denny's in North Utica with her husband, son-in-law, and daughter. Her husband is a Vietnam Veteran (as well), but he didn't really talk about it. Actually, Beverley's daughter didn't know pretty much anything about it because of how little her dad mentioned it. While they were finishing their meal, another vet came into the restaurant. This wheelchair-bound man, sparked the interest on Beverley's daughter. The daughter made her way over to the vet and started a conversation. She found out that he was also a Vietnam Veteran, just like her father.

After they chatted for a little while and the father joined in, they decided to leave the man to his food and get ready to head out. That's when she realized they could do something nice for this man. She wanted to pay for the vet's meal. Her and her father headed over to the waitress and paid the bill, including the meal for the veteran.

Beverley wanted to share this story because it was such an unexpected sweet thing for her daughter to do. It made her happy to see her daughter wanting to pay for this stranger's meal. Not just a stranger though, a stranger that served our country.

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