In 1986 while your Mom was enjoying The Oprah Winfrey Show hitting national television, you were just a kid. You were sitting around with friends trying to find something fun to do. All of a sudden, someone pulled out a Koosh Ball. You had fun for a total of 15 minutes with it. Today's Vintage Toy is the Koosh Ball.

The Koosh ball was developed in 1986 by Scott Stillinger. He developed it for his two kids.

It was designed to be easy for his 5-year old daughter and 8-year old son to hold and throw, and was named after the sound it made when it landed. The Koosh ball was one of 1988's hot Christmas toys. The company later expanded their product line to include 50 other Koosh-related products, including keyrings, baseball sets, and yo-yos. The number of Koosh Balls sold is estimated to be in the millions.”

Have you ever wondered how many Koosh strings fill the ball? Well it's around 2,000 natural rubber filaments. They have been released in different color combinations.

A variation was the Koosh Kins line, of Koosh balls with cartooney faces and hands. Koosh Kins was made into a comic book mini-series by Archie Comics, where they kept their cartoon-like appearance.”

Here's one of my favorite moments from the King Of Queens that actually deals with the Koosh Ball.




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