It says it's Spring on the calendar - but unless you've got open ice cream stands and an open Voss' - it isn't REALLY Spring.

Finally, we can celebrate  and it's not because of the weather. Many have been asking about the status of Voss' Bar-B-Q on Oriskany Blvd in Yorkville and when they would be opening for the 2022 season. Well, the moment we've all been waiting for is officially happening in a few weeks.

One of the workers for the iconic Central New York eatery in Yorkville says they will be opening for the season on April 18.

Yes it is official April 18th we open at 11am!


It is unclear at this time what their operating hours will be. Last year, they were open seven days a week at reduced hours - 11AM to 8PM each day.

Many have also been asking about the locations in Ilion and in Marcy. It was said that Ilion will be opening sometime in May, and that they will not be returning to Marcy for a location this year.

Finally - now that we have word of a date, you can plan when you'll be heading over to grab your extra thick shake, your cheeseburger and some of their fries and welcome the warmer weather the Central New York way: sitting at picnic tables (or in your car when it's a little too chilly) munching away.

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