If one of the highlights of attending the New York State Fair for you is observing the sand sculpture, you'll be really excited about this news. This year, you can help decide what we see as part of the sand sculpture.

Voting is on to determine what subject will be crafted out of sand for the 2019 fair. A panel of judges have narrowed the subjects down to 20 different ideas, and now you have the chance to pick your favorite! Voting ends on August 5th, so make sure you vote for what you'd like to see most, now!

Here's the choices you can vote for:

  • Where's Waldo, NY Edition
  • Sesame Street 50th Anniversary
  • Dedication to NY State and it's inventions, including the first ferris wheel in the US back in 1849
  • The Centennial Anniversary of Women's Suffrage and Voting in NY
  • Celebration of the Arts from NY
  • Fair Sights
  • The Four Seasons in NY: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter/Sports During Those Times
  • 80's
  • Beach Theme
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Farmers Across America
  • Marvel Characters, like the Avengers and Ironman
  • New York Activities - hiking, fishing, camping, exploring NY
  • Road Trip map of NY in different areas
  • Adirondack Mountains
  • Connection, Hand in hand, everyone even pets, love, kindness.
  • Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Castle
  • Dedication to Native American people
  • Famous NY Landmarks
  • 50th Anniversary of Man Walking On The Moon moon

What do you think should be the theme for the sculpture this year? Don't forget to cast your vote here!

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