Stories are flying all around the internet this afternoon that Walmart is hosting a single day event for new parents to get recommendations, demonstrations, and savings during a one day 'Baby Savings Sale' this Saturday, Feb. 23rd.

I had intended on writing about it. Then, I called several Walmart locations in Central NY and have since determined that the one day sale is fake news.

According to and several other news outlets, Walmart locations nationwide will be participating in the event this Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m - and that several Central NY locations would also be involved, including Rome, Utica, Herkimer, New Hartford, and Oneida.

First, I looked online at the Walmart website and on their Facebook page to see if I could find anything regarding a one day sales event. Nothing was posted from a corporate standpoint. The only thing online is a multi-day baby savings sale, but nothing specifically for this Saturday. That seemed fishy to me, so I decided to take things into my own hands.

I called the Utica store. The manager knew nothing about it.

I called the New Hartford store. The manager knew nothing about it.

I called the Oneida store. The manager said she had seen the stories but didn't know much about it.

So finally, I called the Herkimer store to see if they knew what was going on. I spoke to their Assistant Manager.

The sale is not happening on one singular day. There are no product demonstrations, yet. There is no severe deals.

She also said the list of locations that people are seeing is fake, not at all associated with the retailer.

If you look at the address in the web browser, the PDF attached to all of these stories isn't even from Walmart. That's how you know.

She did say that they are trying to get customers in store because they are having deals on baby related items (like car seats and strollers, diapers, etc.) but the sale is over the course of six weeks. She also said that they are trying to get in store demonstrations, but nothing has been scheduled at this time, for this Saturday.

Like said above, there are sales online and in stores with products up to 30% off, but as far as the one day sale goes, it's fake.

If you are wondering if your closest store is having this sale, I suggest personally calling them to find out - because the response I got today was very surprising.

UPDATE: 10:20 AM - 2-21-19

We were able to talk with who then provided us with a line to Walmart corporate. After talking with an actual representative regarding this 'Baby Savings Day' they have confirmed that Walmart indeed does not know anything about this 'event' that they are seeing on social media.

Walmart Corporate Customer Service Representative, Samantha, told us that there is indeed a sale (over the next 6 weeks) but this particular 'Baby Savings Day Event' that is supposed to feature demonstrations, 'severe/extreme sales' and giveaways along with the listed PDF of participating locations they know nothing about it.  In fact the PDF of participating locations is not a Walmart site or creation.

Samantha told us Walmart Corporate is sending a memo out to Walmart stores to let management teams know that they could be receiving questions regarding this 'event' and that the reporting on social media is not accurate but to direct people to the Sale that will be occurring over the next 6 Weeks.

Again, the 'Walmart Baby Saving's Day' event/sale reportedly occurring on February 23rd is NOT REAL. The Sale for 6 weeks is real but as Walmart Corporate has told us, they know nothing about this event.

UPDATE: 11:27 AM - 2-21-19

We've got another update, this time from Riley Herman an Event Specialist from Advantage Solutions. Who contacted us regarding the 'Baby Savings Day' event planned for February 23rd in Herkimer.

Advantage Solutions is a Third-Party Marketing Company that you usually see giving out the free food samples and beauty samples at your local retailers. Riley informed us that Event Specialists like himself will be in Walmart stores from 10 AM - 4:30 PM on Saturday, February 23rd to provide a very limited number of sample bags containing things like Huggies Wipes, Johnson & Johnson lotions along with a few coupons for several products. The Event Specialists will also be highlighting a few toys featured in the Walmart six week sale.

Riley informed us that in most instances that Walmart Management is often unaware of when the specialists will come into the stores or what their demonstrations will be about. He stated that this will be very similar to their 'Health And Wellness Days' from 2018 or the Easter Event from last year where kids could decorate Reese's Eggs.

He also informed us that the pdf and event listing are not from Advantage Solutions either. The reported 'extreme/deep sales' and gift-card giveaways are also not part of their 'event' for Saturday, February 23rd as well. Advantage Solutions' Event Specialists will only be providing 50 or fewer sample bags and highlighting a few toys. They will be on the floor in most stores from 10 AM - 4 PM.

So, the 'Walmart Baby Saving's Day Event' is hosted by Advantage Solutions, Walmart is unaware of anything other than the six week sale and the list of locations, extreme sales and giveaways are not real. The Event Specialists will have a few sample bags on hand "but most will be gone in less than a hour..."

UPDATE: 4:06 PM - 2-21-19

We were contacted by a fourth-party that says what our Advantage Solutions Event Specialist told us. The Event Specialists will be in store with limited samples, and highlighting select in-store items that are part of the multi-week sale. However they were able to provide the first official Walmart link referencing this Baby Savings Day event.

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