Ever wonder how much the 12 days of Christmas would cost you in 2010? Well PNC Wealth Management researched it for you and here’s the run down…


A partridge in a pear tree:  $161.99

Two turtle doves:  $100

Three French hens:  $150

Four calling birds:  $599.96

Five golden rings:  $649.95

Six geese-a-laying:  $150

Seven swans-a-swimming:  $5,600

Eight maids-a-milking:  $58

Nine ladies dancing:  $6,294.03

Ten lords-a-leaping:  $4,766.70

Eleven pipers piping:  $2,356.20

Twelve drummers drumming:  $2,552.55

This year, if you wanted to buy all of the items from the song, it would cost you $96,824. Any takers?