After a school year of distance learning and hybrid schedules, it's nice to see that some Valentine's Day traditions are still in place, at least for one 6-year-old boy in Albion, New York.

It's safe to say Cooper Traxler is a hopeless romantic. When he was in kindergarten last year, he asked his school lunch lady to be his valentine. This year, he told his mom he wanted to ask his friend, Natalee, after not getting to see her very often because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cooper's mom, Jamie, said that although Cooper and Natalee are technically in the same first grade class, hybrid learning has made it so they go to school on opposite days. Luckily, Cooper had something pretty special in mind for his valentine.

Cooper Asks Natalee to Be His Valentine
Courtesy of Jamie Traxler

When Jamie asked what he wanted to do for Natalee on Valentine's Day, Cooper told her he wanted to go through the McDonald's drive-thru "like grown-ups do." He came up with the idea of driving a Power Wheel vehicle through the drive-thru, and his mom got to work, asking friends and family on Facebook if anyone had a Power Wheel they could borrow for the afternoon, all the while reminding Cooper to think of a Plan B in case they weren't able to make his vision come to life.

"I want to say it was the next morning, I looked out the window and in my husband's truck was the box that said Power Wheels, and I said, 'Oh my goodness, Cooper, look out the window," Jamie said.

Cooper and his dad threw on their boots and brought the Power Wheels in the house, and that's when Jamie noticed the note that the anonymous donor had attached, writing that they saw the story on Facebook and wanted to help Cooper out "from one romantic to another."

Jamie said that once they had the Power Wheels to set Plan A into motion, everything started to fall into place. She checked every box necessary to make sure the Valentine's Day date would be legal and safe for Cooper and Natalee. She called the Albion McDonald's and the Orleans County Sheriff's Office, who were happy to drive in front of and behind the Power Wheel to ensure the kids' safety.

Going Through the Drive-Thru "Like Grown-Ups Do"
Courtesy of Jamie Traxler

Valentine's Day finally rolled around, and Cooper and Natalee got to have their special date. After some coordination from the Orleans County Sheriffs, the kids rolled up to the window and picked up their Happy Meals before walking inside, where a Valentine's-themed table, including Cooper's gift of a heart-shaped tye-dye pillow for Natalee, was all set up.

Cooper said he was excited that it came together as he had planned, and he was especially happy to see Deputy Cole and K9 Otto from the OCSC, who made sure to make an appearance before Cooper's special date.

From the staff at McDonald's and the sheriffs to the mystery person who bought Cooper his Power Wheel, the Albion community really came together to provide a much-needed moment of joy for these two kids.

Happy Meals Secured!
Cooper Traxler via YouTube

The Traxlers even set up a GoPro camera on the Power Wheel, so you can watch the kids' cute Valentine's date in the full video below.

6-Year-Old Albion Boy Drives His Valentine Through the McDonald's Drive-Thru

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