The Mohawk Valley Water Authoirty has issued a boil water advisory as crews work to repair a water main break at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Tilden Avenue.

The water main break has impacted several areas of Utica and the adjacent area in the Town of New Hartford. The water main break is impacting the following streets:

  • Albany St/Rd – South Park Dr to Brockway Rd
  • Beckwith Cir
  • Bedford Ln
  • Birchwood Ln
  • Buckley Rd
  • Candlewood La
  • Carmen Ln
  • Christensen Rd
  • East Park Ct
  • East Park Rd
  • Floral Ct
  • Floral Dr
  • Graffenburg – Slaytonbush Ln to #1354
  • Hills Drive
  • Hillside Rd
  • Lin Rd
  • Nob Rd
  • Parkview Rd
  • Pinnacle Dr
  • Pleasant St – #1104 Pleasant St to Graffenburg Rd
  • Pond Ln
  • Portal Rd
  • Proctor View Ct
  • Proctor View Dr
  • Ripley Rd
  • Rolling Hills Dr
  • Russetbush Rd
  • Sherman Drive - Pleasant St to #1710
  • Slaytonbush Ln
  • South Park Drive
  • Sunflower Cir
  • Sylvan Glen Rd
  • Taber Drive
  • Taber Rd – Tilden to #15 Taber Rd
  • Taber Rd West
  • Tilden Ave – South Park Dr to Taber Rd
  • Tilden Ln
  • Ty Pl
  • White Birch Rd
  • Wildflower Cir
  • Wildwood Ridge

The Boil Water Advisory will be in effect for at least another 24 hours until lab tests can confirm the advisory can be lifted.

Customers are advised to boil their water for at least two minutes before using it for drinking or cooking.

Customers are also advised against using cloudy or discolored water, especially hot water. Some of the water could be drawn into the hot water tank and require it to be flushed.

Do not do laundry with discolored water as it may cause stains to clothing due to potential sediment. You can see the map of the impacted area above.

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