How wonderful to receive a wedding invitation, right?  As you're wondering what fabulous outfit to wear to the wedding, think about what fabulous gift you're going to give the bride and groom.  I've got some great wedding gift ideas to get you started.Weddings are one of life's biggest and most important milestones.  For everyone taking part in the wedding, from the guests to the caterers to the bridal party, you want the day to be perfect.  And guests also want to give the bride and groom a gift they'll be happy to get.

Some of these gifts I received at my own wedding and some I've given as gifts.  They're easy to buy, easy to mail if you're not attending the wedding and who wouldn't be happy to receive them?

1.  Travel:  Give them a gas card and a hotel card.  They can take a road trip at their convenience and you've helped to pay for it.  Think of the happy memories they'll make and it's because of you.  What a great gift.  One of my best friends gave me this for my wedding and I loved it.


2.  Money:  Cash is king.  You can't go wrong with money.  Sure, there's a chance they'll be using it to pay off bills, rather than buy themselves a trinket in your honor, but money is the gift that always makes people smile.

3.  Registry:  If they've done a bridal registry, pick out something in your price range that they've chosen.  Sounds obvious, right?  You'd think so but having worked in retail for years, I've seen people blow off wedding registries.  They'll look at what the bride and groom picked out, not like their taste and pick out something not on the registry.

Why do that?  They filled out the registry for a reason and they're hoping to get what they asked for.  Even if you don't agree with their taste, give them what they want.

4.  Dining Out:  There will be times when the bride and groom don't feel like cooking and would love to dine out.  Give them a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants.  Don't know where they like to eat out?  Ask their friends or parents.  Still stumped?  Pick a place you enjoy and hopefully they will too.  Or go to suggestion number 5.


5.  Money Card:  A gift card from American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.  I'd stick with the major companies that are well established.  They can use it for dining out, shopping, buying groceries or whatever they choose.


Gift cards are not thoughtless gifts.  I know some people view them that way but I don't.  I love giving them and it's great to get them too.  Hope these ideas help.